Bahamas Insurance Association Member Companies Donate $6,000


Bahamas Insurance Association Member Companies Donate $6,000 to Support Local Feeding Programmes

NASSAU, March 27, 2023 - The Bahamas Insurance Association ("BIA") recently capped Insurance Month 2023 - a month of insurance education, professional development and community focus - with a $6,000 donation of cash and non-perishable food items to three local non-profit organizations in support of community feeding programmes.

Unity House, an assisted living centre for senior citizens, the Colby Home for Boys, and Centreville Adventist Community Services, welcomed the donations during a time where food remains one of the items worst hit by the highest inflation rates in decades. Despite these challenges, the organizations continue to work to serve those who rely on their services.

BIA Coordinator Dr. Rhonda Chipman-Johnson said the support from member companies was overwhelming. "We are extremely grateful to the member companies of the Bahamas Insurance Association and their management and staff for their continued generosity every year. Their support will help the selected organizations to provide a reliable supply of healthy food for families and children experiencing food insecurity. Inflation has pushed more people to depend on feeding programmes right now, so we were pleased to be able to provide $6,000 in food and cash to allow these organizations to meet the needs of our communities."


Bahamas Insurance Association member companies donate $6,000 in cash and non-perishable food items to support the work of local feeding programmes. Our picture shows BIA executive officers with the donation recipients. Pictured l-r are Stanford Charlton, Managing Director of NUA Insurance Agents and Brokers and Deputy Chairman of the Bahamas Insurance Association; Charlyne Sealy, Legal & Compliance Officer, Summit Insurance Company; Janet Butler, Unity House; Andria Musgrove, Centreville Adventist Community Services; Leonard Newton, Colby House for Boys; Dr. Rhonda Chipman-Johnson, Coordinator, Bahamas Insurance Association; Felicia Knowles, Secretary, Bahamas Insurance Association; and Anton Sealey, Chairman, Bahamas Insurance Association.